Effective Altruists vs. Effective Accelerationalists

This is the first I’ve learned of the “Effective Accelerationalists”

While the “Effective Altruists” want to find the most economic way to help as many people as possible, the “Effective Accelerationalists” want to hasten that day that the unproductive people have all died out, and The Earth is the playground of the 1%, serviced by their robots and AI.



The anti-net screed sounds a lot like the anti-vax and anti-mask screeds when COVID was burning it’s way around the world.


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Ah yes. Population reduction. Another way to save the environment.

People are so messy!!

Your interpretation may be the most succinct.

Andreessen attacks mosquito nets, and by inference the “effective altruists” who give mosquito nets to the poor and who also slow down his AI investments. That appears cynical.

AI will likely be the most exploitive system ever devised. It should not be held in the hands of a few without regulation.

From the article:
Andreessen’s VC firm has invested in a lot in AI companies. Lately, and he has aligned himself with a faction known as “effective accelerationists,” who favor aggressive progress in AI with minimal regulation or guardrails.

The effective accelerationists define themselves in large part by their opposition to “effective altruists,” the social movement that began by focusing on cost-effective global health interventions and has more recently advocated for tough regulations to prevent AI from going awry. Effective altruists have long been identified with anti-malarial bed nets, a prime example of the very cheap, very effective global health causes they favor.

I’d say a bit along the lines of not putting baths in poor folks’ housing because they’ll only use 'em to store their coal.

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And improve the quality of life for those left.

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How else would they be able to make diamonds? Coal=Raw material…

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Andreessen is creating his own problems.

Andreessen and Howoritz is a larger NFT collector.

AI NFTs are worthless. That will hit the fan and make the marine sound. I do not know if they are collecting AI art as NFTs. It is the rage. They do anything along the lines of the rage.

Not much of a rage. More like a wannabee rage.

AI art is in the PD. AI NFTs are worthless.

lol, everybody is so rational and logical nowadays, no way AI generated propaganda is going to cause any problems /sarcasm

On Youtube, I’ve been following a Dutch lady who vlogs while driving an enduro motorcycle around the world, she goes by ItchyBoots on Youtube.

She is in Africa now, and it is stunning to see the lack of infrastructure in the countries she is traveling through. When it rains, she and everybody else struggles mightily to just keep the bike moving. The mud is almost as slick as ice. Another thing that stands out, in Africa and in South America, is how good the local people treat her. The locals are living in what would be considered abject poverty to us, but they are willing to help her, and share what resources they have when ItchyBoots needs a hand.

lol, Andreesen should be made to go live without a mosquito net in Africa as a prerequisite to running a hedge fund. Bet he’d be singing a different tune very, very quickly.

This has consistently been my experience when traveling.
The “locals” are always friendly and helpful.


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Off beaten path travel with a curious mind gets one into astounding levels of hospitality. I bicycled into a small rural Hungarian village as a rainstorm started, and “most” (who knows but it was at least 70) of the inhabitants came by the one cafe where I was parked and simply demaned I give up waiting for the rain to stop and stay overnight. A small town in Wales everyone (the bartender told me two old folks sent best wishes but could not come) came to the tavern to carouse and sing (the Welsh still love singing!) with me because my middle name was the same as that of an historic family that had all emigrated.

david fb


Ireland used to be very poor. That ethic of helping has not left. Of all the Europeans Ireland might have the best reputation for tourists.

I think Portugal and Turkey similarly have very good reputations. Turkey being a bit tricky if you are up to no good.

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