Elon Musk reports than he's implanted first brain chip in human test subject

… I hope this is moving along better than “Full Self Driving”. {{ LOL }}




You thinking of getting one ? Report back and let us know how it went?


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Implanted brain chip?

No way. My brain? It’s my second favorite organ.

[apologies, Woody]


Reports say the chip will allow moving the cursor with no hands–by thought processes. Interesting concept. FDA to allow test on human patient. Previous work done with terminal monkeys.


And your first is the organ down at the church?


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Right that sounds really cool for someone who is a paraplegic . Opens up all kinds of possibilities.


Never heard it called that before - that’s quite the euphemism…



Bah! I got the COVID vaccine. I’ve been chipped for almost three years now.


Early reading this indicates that it’s quite the challenge to manage the blood brain barrier with respect to infections and pathogens at the site. I wonder if the terminal monkey test subjects were treated with full care in this regard. The reports of them have all sorts of challenges in keeping the otherwise unhealthy monkey free of bacterium and virus was only insulted more heavily by pull out damage from the pig tail lead while the monkeys slept.

Pretty sure that is not a euphemism. He was just being sarcastic.

What if the programming behind the pointer controls has to be altered a few years from now? The pointer no longer works properly but you are stuck with it endlessly? Sounds like a digital hell. Can it be updated?

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Actually I was commenting on the people that played the church organ on Sunday but then it started a different tangent. :rofl:


Supposedly it can be removed yet the FDA does have concerns on whether it will cause damage.

“If you have a Neuralink and then you decide you don’t want it, or you want to get an upgrade, and the Neuralink is removed,” Musk said, “it is removed in such a way that you’re still healthy and happy afterwards. And what Dorothy illustrates is that you can put in the Neuralink, remove it, and be healthy, happy, and indistinguishable from a normal pig.”

ProBeat: Hey Elon Musk, how do I get this Neuralink out of my skull? | VentureBeat.


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This sounds a bit creepy.


This isn’t the first time that this surgery has been performed, just the first one Neuralink has done (and it sounds like the first one in the US). It’s been done a few times before:


…so there’s at least some prior experience to help guide his post-surgical care.

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When doesn’t Musk sound a bit creepy?


Re: program altered.

I think you expect the software to be in the computer. The implant only sends signals. The software decides what to do with them.