eMethanol as low carbon fuel


"to achieve net zero emissions in its business by 2040.

Maersk plans to put 19 vessels capable of running on e-methanol between 2023 and 2025, which will require around 750,000 tonnes of the fuel, Maersk said."

The methanol plant will be built in Spain. To be green, it must make methanol with green hydrogen reacted with captured carbon dioxide.

“Last year, Maersk announced the launch of the world’s first carbon-neutral liner vessel, which will begin operating in 2023. It has said all future ships will be built with dual fuel technology installed, allowing them to run on either e-methanol or low-sulphur fuel oil.”

Once methanol is made, it can probably be swapped for methanol produced at plants around the globe.

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In one of the recent shipping broker reports, Maersk have placed an order for ULCC Container vessels. As I recall, they are dual-fueled with Methanol as the second fuel