EOW 20 MAY 22: $SPX & Its Eleven Sectors

The weekend wrap up for the S&P 500 $SPX and its Eleven Sectors as of End of Week #19, 20 MAY 22:

Eleven Sectors of the S&P 500 $SPX
End of Week Gain/Loss

Symbol    Sector                   20 MAY

$XLE      Energy                   +1.23%
$XLV      Healthcare               +0.92%
$XLU      Utilities                +0.43%

$XLB      Basic Materials          -0.08% 
$XLC      Communications Svcs.     -1.68%
$XLRE     Real Estate              -1.72%
$XLF      Finance                  -1.82%
$SPX      S&P 500 Index            -3.05%
$XLK      Technology               -3.53%
$XLI      Industrials              -3.61%
$XLY      Consumer Discretionary   -7.82%
$XLP      Consumer Staples         -8.12%

From Previous Weeks

Eleven Sectors of the S&P 500 $SPX
End of Week Gain/Loss

Symbol    Sector                   13 MAY     6 MAY    29 APR    22 APR    15 APR     8 APR     1 APR    25 MAR    18 MAR    11 MAR

$XLP      Consumer Staples         +0.30%    -1.18%    -2.02%    +0.51%    +0.15%    +2.70%    +2.15%    +1.60%    +3.85%    -5.84%

$XLC      Communications           -0.61%    +0.52%    -3.69%    -7.76%    -2.35%    -1.75%    +0.16%    +1.65%    +6.00%    -3.19%
$XLV      Healthcare               -0.91%    -0.39%    -2.53%    -3.58%    -0.48%    +3.45%    +1.32%    -0.21%    +6.24%    -2.70%
$XLU      Utilities                -1.08%    +1.33%    -4.03%    -2.42%    -1.13%    +1.93%    +3.74%    +3.47%    +0.54%    -0.65%
$SPX      S&P 500                  -2.41%    -0.21%    -3.27%    -2.75%    -2.13%    -1.27%    +0.06%    +1.79%    +6.16%    -2.88%
$XLB      Materials                -2.41%    -0.59%    -0.83%    -3.73%    +0.66%    -0.67%    -0.24%    +4.09%    +5.19%    -1.46%
$XLE      Energy                   -2.58%   +10.34%    -1.38%    -4.57%    +0.40%    +3.21%    -2.15%    +7.61%    -3.86%    +2.15%
$XLI      Industrials              -2.53%    +0.40%    -3.34%    -1.51%    +0.34%    -2.52%    -1.48%    +1.19%    +5.00%    -2.44%
$XLK      Technology               -3.35%    -0.60%    -1.16%    -2.43%    -3.79%    -3.82%    +0.15%    +2.22%    +7.64%    -3.80%
$XLF      Financial                -3.48%    +0.67%    -4.59%    -1.95%    -1.13%    -0.86%    -3.29%    +1.73%    +7.14%    -0.71%
$XLY      Consumer Discretionary   -3.69%    -2.90%    -7.36%    -1.45%    -0.60%    -3.10%    +1.02%    +0.97%    +9.09%    -2.84%
$XLRE     Real Estate              -3.88%    -3.80%    -5.61%    +1.25%    -1.83%    +0.79%    +4.56%    +0.36%    +2.96%    -1.71%

p.s. I will be adding my daily, weekly, and monthly charts for the S&P 500 and its eleven sectors on Twitter over the next hour in a simple to view thread ranked by symbol alphabetically. Once I am done there, I will add the Twitter link here so that you might view my charts as well.

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New Feature: Crossovers on charts Bearish or Bullish

End of Week 20 MAY 22

Symbol      Daily 20 x 50 EMA         Weekly 17 x 43 EMA         Monthly 6 x 10 EMA

$SPX  ---       Bearish                  Bearish (new 13 MAY)       Bearish                 
$XLB  -++       Bearish (new 13 MAY)     Bullish                    Bullish                  
$XLC  ---       Bearish                  Bearish                    Bearish                  
$XLE  +++       Bullish                  Bullish                    Bullish                  
$XLF  ---       Bearish                  Bearish (new 13 MAY)       Bearish (new 13 MAY)                 
$XLI  ---       Bearish                  Bearish                    Bearish  
$XLK  ---       Bearish                  Bearish                    Bearish   
$XLI  ---       Bearish                  Bearish                    Bearish
$XLK  ---       Bearish                  Bearish                    Bearish   
$XLP  -++       Bearish (new 19 MAY)     Bullish                    Bullish
$XLRE -++       Bearish                  Bullish                    Bullish   
$XLU  +++       Bullish                  Bullish                    Bullish   
$XLV  -++       Bearish                  Bullish                    Bullish   
$XLY  ---       Bearish                  Bearish                    Bearish

In advance, excuse my misspellings or bad syntax. Still fighting off the COVID fog.

Notes for this week 20 MAY 22 after looking over the charts: Only one new bearish crossover ($XLP daily) and I was ready to buy it earlier in the week. (See more notes below) Big fall here makes the buy opp next week all the more tantalizing as Friday’s black candlestick was also a perfect hammer (suggesting a “hammering out” of a bottom in consumer staples. The weekly and monthly $XLP are still bullish crossovers.

$XLC looks poised for a long overdue daily chart breakout, BUT, all crossovers on all charts are bearish. So, I won’t take that trade on a breakout. I’ll patiently await that trade to build bullish references in the respective crossovers. However, if we establish a breakout on this daily with a strong UP trendline with more than two touchpoints, I might start nibbling. Several of these names were mentioned in the Gabelli report about 27 stocks which will do well in inflationary times.


$XLE bullish charts still best of all 11 sectors. I’m playing this through $NEXT and $AMLP, both up.

$XLF is one I won’t touch due to future Fed hikes which I still don’t believe are factored in to loans, corporate debt, downgrades on junk bonds, etc. Also, rising consumer late payments and non-payments. (See $UPST and $AFRM charts to confirm delinquent loans are rising.)

$XLI sinking harder explains why Dow Industrials 30 is finally following the S&P 500 and Nasdaq to the cellar.

$XLK is not going to stop the bleed until we get semiconductors ($NVDA and $INTC) stabilized. Lots of spend and big plans in both those names and then we have $MSFT and $AAPL in here for Big Tech. Looks interesting. But I want solid bullish crossovers on the weekly and monthly before I enter this space again.

- + + As stated earlier, $XLP confused me this week as I was ready to pounce feeling like these names will all be able to raise prices to continue earnings growth. Was I wrong! Glad I waited. Now we have a perfect “hammer” on that daily chart. Might trade this one this coming week. I like the fact the weekly and monthly charts are still bullish. Watchlist.

+ + + $XLU is consolidating on the daily chart. Like energy for your ICE mobile, you can’t do without electricity in a new world of EV cars. This is poised for a breakout. And all charts are still in bullish crossover exponential moving averages. Might take a trade in this one next week. Watchlist.

- + + $XLV is my third choice of possible play this coming week. Recently, it broke out of a down wedge (see shadow broken line on daily chart) and if it breaks out of this new bullish flag pattern, the breakout would place it - finally - above the 20 EMA. We need that to turn up decisively, and what would make this all the better is if the 20 x 50 EMAs post a bullish crossover. Several of the holdings in $XLV have already shown + + + on all their crossovers. But with COVID making a stealth comeback (I raise my hand, it whacked me and my wife good last week with very little press about what’s going on down here in the Banana Republic of Florida where no one wants to assimilate positive test results - or so it seems)I can’t for the life of me see how this whole sector doesn’t turn around soon - unless healthcare costs become all the more exclusionary. Watchlist. (p.s. If you play this sector, don’t confuse Biotechs with “healthcare”, i.e., don’t go long Biotechs on an $XLV rise. They DO NO correlate like you would think. Biotech has too many debt ridden companies with junk bonds being downgraded. Look for some of these tiny companies to be bought for pennies on the dollar by the bigger, profitable, Big Pharma names.)

Notes from last week, 13 MAY 22. By the way, check where I was hot to trade $XLP last week in the area titled “Trading Notes”, but patiently waited, and was amazed to see this week it was the biggest loser in the 11 Sectors. I did not see that coming at all.

$SPX just had a bearish weekly crossover 17 x 43 end of 13 MAY 22
$XLB just had a bearish daily crossover 20 x 50 on Monday, 9 MAY 22, and it is still intact
$XLF just had a bearish weekly crossover 17 x 43 end of 13 MAY 22
$XLF just had a bearish monthly crossover 6 x 10 end of 13 MAY 22

Trading Notes:

1. Monitor $XLP for imminent breakout on the daily chart next week. Inside a bullish flag pattern now. Come in big as the 20 x 50 is still bullish. Use calls if I get the GO signal.

2. Monitor $XLV after this week’s breakout on the daily chart. Will it fade next week? Or will we continue to rise? XLV weekly and monthly charts still bullish crossovers intact.

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