EQT: NG Opportunity

I came across this on the BRK board (the non-subscription one). Here is an excerpt from DetroitBadBoy:

There is no bigger gas booster than EQT’s CEO, Toby Rice, who advocates for a quadrupling in U.S. LNG capacity by 2030. If that happened, U.S. natural gas could easily replace Europe’s current imports from Russia. He calls the coal-to-gas conversion in overseas power generation “the largest green initiative on the planet.” Gas produces about half the carbon emissions of coal.

EQT shares look attractive; its way-below-market hedges will roll off in 2023, resulting in sharply higher free cash flow. “It’s a really exciting story,” Rice tells Barron’s. “I need to do a better job of explaining it, because right now EQT trades [at] over a 25% free-cash-flow yield. It’s an incredible investment opportunity.” He’s referring to projected 2023 free cash flow. (emphasis added and Rice is the CEO)

Note: His post was deleted due to copyright violations (he had a lot of the article copied). Fortunately, I have a copy from before it disappeared.

There are also interesting EQT articles at Seeking Alpha.

I have a bit right now (about 1%). Will be building quite a bit larger. Probably build to a 10% position.

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