Eran Zinman: SaaS Metrics to focus on

I found two articles written on Medium by Eran Zinman which show he not only knows how to build a great product but also how to build a great SaaS business.

He knows what metrics to focus on:

-Intent and Predictions (maximize marketing dollar efficiency by using built-in-house BigBrain AI),
-Cash Payback and Cash Cycle(Get paid back as early as possible)
-Sales Net Contribution
-Churn (Difference of SMB and enterprise)
-Growth Speed (He plans the growth speed)
-Aligning the Team (by using same metrics focus on. e.g. Focus on value provide to customers instead of the amount of revenue extracted from customer).

They have 57 dashboards showing important metrics to focus on around the office and weekly meeting to review numbers.

It seems the Big Brain AI can predict what percentage of free users will convert to paid user and then they can optimize marketing campaign. Actual result is very close to prediction as shown in the video.

Big Brain: making numbers fun again.

Metrics to focus on during the growth stage of your SaaS journey:

Part 1:…

Part 2:…


Found this great post from CloudL from a month ago…definitely check it out:…

Eran Zinman, co-CEO of, definitely knows hypergrowth, and it seems like Monday walks the talk. I found this comment pretty interesting:

As management, you always need to be looking ahead at how to sustain your growth. You need to determine what your growth engines are and what you’re going to build in order to accelerate revenue for next year. Ask yourself questions like are your marketing channels sustainable? Are they scalable? And so on. - Ezra

Just pretty good things to focus on. Monday doesn’t want to slow down any more than we want them to!
In looking over this material, including the short video about making numbers fun again, Monday strikes me as a company with big ambitions. They don’t want to simply fill a small niche, they seem truly interested in continuing to build new things – with their customers.

That’s all we can ask. I’ve been wondering why the market has forgotten about my top position, but everything I see from the company is positive. Oh well, I know what to do: hold and wait.