ESG investing (and extra characters)

Not sure I understand.
What are costs the company incurs but does not pay, thus artificially raising their profits?

By ‘messes the company left the public to pay’, do you mean such costs as disposing of spent lithium ion batteries as hazardous waste? Or how to dispose of salt water from evaporating ponds after the lithium has been removed? Or perhaps the cost of disposing of no longer functioning windmill blades or even the environmental cost of the estimated 328,000 birds, including endangered species such as the golden Eagle, that are killed each year by turbine blades. Yes, it sounds like profits are being artificially enhanced.

And I doubt these ‘green’ energy companies are required to fund the equivalent of an Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund as oil companies now are required to do to cover these and other costs.


How long a list do you want to see?

Tobacco companies.
Drugs (all kinds–legal and not).
Oil companies.
Medical malpractice/insurance companies.
Any business that benefits from “limited” liability (for anything).
Nuclear power plants.
3M and other companies making PFOAs.
All transportation systems (cars to whatever).
Any source of air/water/ground pollution.

and lots more.

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They are called in econ negative externalities and they are much larger than the profits.

Meaning if gasoline is $3 at the pump the full cost might be $12 if we include the clean up.

The law may well include the clean up one day. It has for other companies.

Buy a building that had a laundry mat in it 40 years ago. I have heard the site is considered toxic. Don’t actually fully know why. I do not know the chemicals that were involved. No you are liable for a toxic waste site.

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I think you meant a dry cleaner, not a laundromat.


Yep…but often one rides with the other.

…and I thought he meant a dirty old floor mat in the laundry nook of an apartment building, and it had grown some horrific poisonous spreading fungi…

Spell check is evil.


Jerry will save you

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