ESTC expands its partnership with Google Cloud. Who’s next?…



Who’s next?


The partners here are Confluent, DataStax, Elastic, InfluxData, MongoDB, Neo4j and Redis Labs.

Google’s move here is clearly meant to contrast its approach to open-source ecosystems with Amazon’s. It’s no secret that Amazon’s AWS cloud computing platform has a reputation for taking some of the best open-source projects and then forking those and packaging them up under its own brand, often without giving back to the original project.

So Google goes opposite to AWS, making a not so subtle message to go along with real support for open source. This is a very good thing for MDB and ESTC investors.


Long MDB and ESTC


“While Google and its partners declined to comment on the financial arrangements behind these deals, chances are we’re talking about some degree of profit-sharing here”

My anecdotal experience of working with Google a couple of years ago suggests that margins are likely to be significantly eroded in any deal through Google


I wonder what this means for atlas for MDB.

For Atlas and Elastic Cloud?

A bigger partnership with a Cloud Titan.
A new sales channel with a motivated vendor.
More access to customers.
More customers.
Bigger Community.
More development of the product.
More revenue.
A deep pocketed rival to the other one.

Mo money! Mo money! Mo Money!



Mo money! Mo money! Mo Money!

That wasn’t the case for Mazor Robotics last year. They entered a partnership with Medtronic which absolutely destroyed their revenue. It actually went negative YOY! Stock dropped 20% I believe before being acquired by…Medtronic!

Not saying that this is the same situation, but just want to make sure we have some level of healthy skepticism.



Mazor = zero equivalency

Starting with this is subscription software to the entirety of Mazor’s sales team became Medtronic employees in the deal.

No need to make this argument.


Mazor was already having problems before the Medtronic deal. I have no interest in a company going from $15 million a quarter to $17 million. It’s why I never bought them.

But to me this looks like competition over going to elastic and MDB directly.

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