EU 2035 IC Ban Hits Roadblock

German Transport Minister Volker Wissing threw out the EU etiquette book and warned Berlin would withhold its support for the final approval of the deal — something that is exceedingly rare once legislation has been negotiated with Parliament and backed by both MEPs and the Council.

“Usually it’s paper pushing at this stage, but this has become something else,” said a Council official briefed on the file.

It’s not just Berlin. Italy is objecting too, and Poland and Bulgaria are also unhappy about the legislation, which aims to end the sale of new combustion engine cars by 2035, forcing the Continent’s largest industry to go electric.

The four countries represent around 42 percent of the EU’s population — easily over the 35 percent threshold needed to block legislation.


“We’re going to do everything possible to alleviate global climate change … unless it inconveniences us in any way”


Watch Mercedes they will come into the EV market in the largest of ways.

Remember democracy is mob rule. This discussion in Europe is natural. It is not resolved yet.

Also known as the iron law of climate policy.

"In late 2009, Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research in the U.K. argued that a ‘planned recession’ would be necessary in the U.K. to reduce emissions in response to the threat of climate change. In practice, this would mean that ‘the building of new airports, petrol cars and dirty coal-fired power stations will have to be halted in the U.K. until new technology provides an alternative to burning fossil fuels.’…

“Climate policy, they say, requires sacrifice, as economic growth and environmental progress are necessarily incompatible with one another. This perspective has even been built into the scenarios of the IPCC. However, experience shows quite clearly that when environmental and economic objectives are placed into opposition with one another in public or political forums, the economic goals win out. I call this the iron law of climate policy. Opinion polls show that the public is indeed willing to pay some amount for attaining environmental goals, just as it is with respect to other societal goals. However, the public has its limits as to how much it is willing to pay.”

Climate ‘sacrifice’ is climate virtue signaling. There is plenty time go from fossil fuels to renewables without making people miserable.

Spanish, “Sin prisa pero sin pausa.”
German, “Langsam aber sicher”
English, “Slowly but surely”

El Capitán
Der Kapitän
The Captain


Which is why the third world could give a rat’s *ss about climate change. The people of the third world want the lifestyle of the developed world. And the utilization of fossil fuels are the fastest & cheapest path to that goal. Any moralizing from the developed world falls upon deaf ears.

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