EU economic policy changes coming?

EU elections are underway. Without going into the politics, it is noted that:

“What’s likely to change are the EU’s priorities, with the coming five years looking set to be less focused on environmental policies and much more on economic competitiveness amid increasing rivalry with China and the United States, with an emphasis on tough border controls.”



It is already happening in New Zealand.

The budget prioritizes spending on law and order, education, and health, with no significant new investments in climate-related projects.


In Germany, where the Greens govern as part of a so-called traffic light coalition alongside the center-left Social Democrats and pro-business Free Democrats, support for the Greens nearly halved compared with 2019. Provisional results showed the party in fourth place on 12% of the vote.

Support for the Greens also fell in Austria and France, where the far right outperformed and prompted French President Emmanuel Macron to call snap elections…

However, the Greens were set to place first in Denmark and the Netherlands…