Europe GDP growth

For the first time since 1974…




This is interesting for another reason. The Europeans are ahead of us by at least half a cycle. The EU enters economic patterns ahead of us by a matter of possibly 30 plus years. In the case of universal healthcare even much more time ahead of us.

If the Europeans can enter supply side econ with equally fast growth to our probable demand side econ…that is only because China is imploding. EU factories are also coming back to the EU. Plus the EUR is appreciating bringing down input costs. Remember we thought Germany was going to be toast without Russian energy.

The ECB has held off on interest rate hikes regardless of the inflation rate. Another interesting dynamic in play. Input costs declining while there is inflation.

The current environment is something we all need to know more about.

adding just realized I have been wrong about the EU going to supply side econ. Yes there are too many Germany breweries a total waste of money. The EU is going POSSIBLY to a Demand-Supply side economy working with the US, UK, SK, AU and Japan on an industrial policy. While the EU also forces a better use of capital…a capital policy.

China is going to supply side econ the way it took us from 1972 to 1981 to slowly get there.

Not sure where that leaves India.