Ex-KGB spy on Jordan B. Peterson

Initially I liked Jordan Peterson. Then I didn’t when he became an expert on everything. This interview about how the world really works is excellent. Being an hour and forty two minutes long, it exceeds the attention span of instant gratification Fools.

Short version

  1. How a KGB spy became an American
  2. How an Atheist became a Christian

Conclusion: Real life is not like the movies

The Captain

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The impulse to care for the poor and the impulse to hate the successful.

Why would anyone call helping the poor an impulse?

Why assume people are jealous or those who are jealous matter?
Is that to assume the left is jealous? Yes, and that is nonsense. It obscures the necessary discussion of the allocation of resources to grow and optimize the economy in fact mostly for the wealthy.

Peterson is applying all sorts of crap to anything he discusses.