FF Portfolio November 2022

November was painful. As has been the case for months, its all about the FED. The good news is inflation is coming down and possibly very fast. The bad news is the question of has the FED overshot already with the result being a deeper recession?

The good news? Despite the deterioriating economic conditions, my companies continue to grow at HYPERGROWTH levels. They continue to build stockpiles of cash and/or are making steps in that direction & very few have any debt. I know the market doesn’t currently look at it this way but… it seems to me that if a company can continue to grow over 30% during a bad recession, it very well is showing a leadership position. I don’t have as much experience at this as Saul and many others, but if a company can maintain 30% revenue growth while many others will have shrinking revenue, then once the spicots are turned back on, those are more likely to skyrocket faster.

I know its difficult to see it now but… what will we be thinking in a year from now?

FF Portfolio YTD = -62.93%

I made no moves this past month. With earnings of my companies finishing up next week, I might make some adjustments soon.