Final Basil leading to increasing banking concerns

Far later than anticipated (July 27th) but I’m sure that the banks won’t be ready:

Federal regulators are preparing to introduce new banking rules that would force big banks to hold up to 20% more capital, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

The new standards would differ by the type and size of bank, imposing the toughest requirements on “megabanks” focused on trading, such as Goldman Sachs, the Journal reported. Large banks would face 20% increases to capital requirements on average.

Trouble is that money is already leaving the banking system as some seem to be anticipating a bad outcome:

$78,000,000,000 Exits US Banking System in One Week As JPMorgan CEO Issues Alert on Deposit Flight

If you need any cash out of the bank then get it now, just in case:


Say whaaaaaaat?

Ah ah aha!

It’s divitias quoting from the financial world’s equivalent of the National Enquirer of the 80’s!

Yawn. Back to sleep.

Wake me when them big pretty naked gents with polynesian tatoos running all the way up their legs I’ve heard reliable rumors of – you know the BIG boy body building lunatics (whaddya mean you never heard of them?) – when they start their fierce worshipful stomping dance on the moon causing fluctuations in its orbit and so trashing tides on Earth thus disrupting world trade leading to a craze for these purple tinted quartz crystals

Siberian Purple Quartz - Healing Properties, Meaning, Uses & More - VOLTLIN.

(buy now before it is too late!),

or something else that if incredible is at least vaguely interesting.

david fb
(just teasing divitas, but more and more worried about whether you are a troll or simply a man with a deep unbreakable love for paranoid financial fantasies… like my mid 70’s boy friend who thought KNEW big colored quartz must be good for something and went off the deep end trying to use them cure AIDS)


I got the story from Bloomburg but couldn’t generate a preview

Wall Street Banks’ Residential Mortgages Face US Mandates Exceeding Global Standards

My paranoid financial fantasies have served me very well over the years, so long may they continue :slight_smile:

‘Final Basil’ for me involves pesto…


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It is summer. The herbs are growing. I saw Basil and thought of pesto. We use Marcella Hazan’s recipe where you can get it half way finished and then freeze it. Take it out of the freezer in the cold months, thaw it, add the finishing touches and have the taste of summer with snow, or cold wet mud, on the ground.


or a nice caprese salad…



Ah, one of my favorites. Unfortunately, these days a lot of chefs feel the need to be creative and don’t do as well as the classic.



I grow basil in a small pot in the kitchen window. Gives me a nice supply year round.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the window is in So Cal where most winter days still get up to the low 60s. :wink: