FinallyFoolin Jan '24 Portfolio Update

After a good 2023, my portfolio this year started off alright. In fact, despite Tesla’s sell-off, I was hitting 52 week highs until the last week or so of the month tempered it a bit. Earnings season has kicked off and I’m encouraged by what we’ve seen so far, especially for what it means for my AI & Data plays.

I strive to be in companies that I don’t have to babysit. Don’t really want to be in and out regularly. However, this month, I did just that. On 1/4, I opened a position in AMD then closed it upon the ER season.

Brought ZS position down to 20%. Opened 4% position in AMD. Reason for this is AI isn’t going anywhere. 80/20 rule will be that 80% of workloads in the future won’t NEED the latest and fastest, therefore, AMD will do well.

Sold the AMD position after hours. There were things to like on the call and things to not like. Overall, I decided the combination of AMD not being a pure play in GPUs & not being the leader, by far, are the core of why I shouldn’t be in it. The position did make a nice % for me for the month so I’m not too upset at that. I topped up my MELI & SNOW positions with the small (4.5%) allocation of proceeds.

Things I’m thinking about:
The biggest thing I’m thinking about is what to do with my tiny CFLT position. I’m leaning towards selling out of it. The last CC was really really bad IMO but I really like how they make money (mostly based on data volume). My trouble with it is potential alternatives and is its benefit really going to be a ROI for companies? For now, I’m still holding it.