Fire up the nuclear ice maker--we will likely need it

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And nothing happened. People got on with their lives. They lived, loved, laughed, cried, sang, dance, worked, played, slept, and pulled all-nighters. Felt joyful, content, solemn, proud, humbled, relieved, inspired, creative. Were depressed, angry, sad, annoyed, playful, as we all are at times. All predating the use of fossil fuels and even the rubbing together of two sticks. They raised flowers, victuals, and children with hope for the future. Without that hope none of these things would be.

Standards of living and quality of lives worldwide have never been better thanks mostly, almost exclusively, to the use of fossil fuels and the Industrial Revolution. Where’s the problem? (Hint: All their answers will be inadequate, at least partial lies, and always political. i.e: Inadmissible evidence. Not legal tender.)


  1. Stop the whining. Despite all the hand wringing by certain money interests (and it is about money and power. They are not pure. They are Players) it’s not that bad and will not be as bad as they keep saying. This is the part in the movie where the Main character slaps the hysterical, unknowing worry-wart to bring him back to his senses before he ruins everything with his mindless caterwauling.

  2. We will do what we have always done with problems: Solve them


You mean like homelessness? Hunger? War? Poverty? Water scarcity? Overpopulation? Pollution & waste? Those problems?


Well, we have had 40 years of supply-side economics lies. You know you saved on your taxes? Right, sarcasm. Basically lying is just lazy. Better than caring, decency, pay, or human rights. My mistake the rich did have those.