Fiverr: Explosive Growth with a Bright Future

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This is a really, really good article on Fiverr. A must read for Fiverr investors. I even got to learn a new acronym: SaaP which stands for Service-as-a-Product as opposed to Software as a Service (SaaS). Fiverr and Upworks are examples of SaaP companies. One thing I didn’t realize in Fiverr’s last Q3 report is that it was Fiverr’s 4th consecutive quarter of accelerating YoY growth. I love me some ARG…when growth investors see ARG, it usually sends a stock up on steroids which might account for Fiverr’s approximately 700% rise this year…Wow!!! The thing about Fiverr is that is still might have a lot of runway left to go. Check out the article.

Published by David Marlin,

Fiverr has climbed 678% this year. In this analysis, we examine if the growth can continue in the short-term and also post-COVID. Specifically, our research shows that Fiverr is leading its industry and outpacing its primary competitor, Upwork. We look into why this might be and what the future could look like.

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The “Fiver Business” platform mentioned in the article is intriguing as it creates a SaaS revenue stream that provides the repeat customer “stickiness” that some of this board noted that Fiver’s primary business model lacks. Since it was only introduced in September, and is provided free for the first year of use, it will be some time before we can discern whether this expansion into an adjacent business line is a material success. Still the metrics regarding the number of active users of this platform will be an interesting number to follow over the next year.

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It’s a good article.

I’ve been in FVRR since June and am happy with a 3 bagger on the shares i stayed with, though i sold half my stake at $156.

I’ve looked at Upwork and agree they are well behind FVRR.

But several people have alerted me that they prefer privately held Toptal. They are very well led and are perhaps a more serious competitor.

I like the leadership of FVRR very much and could hardly be more pleased with the stock.

From the same article:

Other key points, imho:

  1. Their main competition is UPWK. "Here’s how they compare: Global internet and engagement trends from Alexa show Fiverr’s site currently ranks 195th in traffic and engagement over the past 90 days. Fiverr’s ranking has improved 102 spots over the past 90 days and is near its peak levels. In comparison, Fiverr’s biggest competitor, Upwork, ranks 592nd in global internet traffic and engagement over the past 90 days and has improved 59 spots. The Fiverr app is currently ranked 39th in “Business” on Apple’s app store and 26th on Google Play, while Upwork’s app is ranked 136th and 123rd respectively…Total visits to Upwork have lingered in the 30M daily range, ranking 1,190th worldwide. Additionally, Fiverr’s average visit duration is over 13 minutes longer than on Upwork, indicating that visitors are much happier using Fiverr’s platform. "
  2. Bill Gates recently predicted that 50% of business travel and over 30% of days in the office will go away even after the pandemic is over. It is clear that the global trend towards remote work and digital transformation is permanent and will continue to be a long-term strategic investment for businesses of all sizes in the future. Individuals and businesses alike are prioritizing freelancing more than ever before as both groups see the inherent value proposition. While businesses covet frictionless access to a global talent pool, individuals increasingly want to choose the location where they work, the time in which they work, and what they do for work. Fiverr offers the best product to address the growth of this market, as evidenced by the company’s industry leading growth numbers.



There are already so very many companies in this field that I’m finding it hard to identify what makes any one of the better other than the fact that some curate applicants and/or companies.