FK: Interesting microcap

Amtech Systems (ASYS) is a microcap Semiconductor equipment manufacturer that announced Q4 results on 12/13/23, with revenue coming up short.
10 yr chart shows ASYS rebounding after prior hits

Will this time be different? Things look bad this round with a reduction-in-force. But small changes and a slight sector improvement could help the company bounce back.

No position at this time, but watching.


Decided to nibble on ASYS - that way it stays on my radar.

About a year ago, I had nibbled on larger entity in the same space - Entegris (ENTG). That worked out nicely. If there are synergies, ENTG could likely snap up ASYS with not too much effort.

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One way to inspire confidence - CEO buys company shares
Avg daily volume (Yahoo! Finance - likely last 90 days) is 80K
CEO purchased 66,000 shares yesterday

At the very least, it provides a marker.