FoolishJeff May Portfolio Update

2022 - (-43.0% YTD)

Portfolio Breakdown vs Last Month

DDOG – 18.5% (19.9%)
BILL - 15.5% (16.2%)
S – 14.5% (12.4%)
ZS – 14.1% (13.2%)
NET – 11.7% (12.6%)
MNDY - 10.2% (14.8%)
SNOW – 8.4% (10.9%)
MDB - 5.0% (NEW)
CASH - 2.1%

Watchlist - CRWD, UPST

YTD Returns

DDOG - (-27%)
MNDY - (-56%)
ZS - (-31%)
S – (-29%)
NET - (-29%)
SNOW – (-47%)
BILL - (-25%)
MDB - (-26%)

Summary: Another painful month. Thanks to Saul’s logical, concentrated style of investing, I’m confident our stocks will come back at some point but geesh, this sucks!

DDOG (Datadog) - Still my highest confidence position. The expanding growth along with the continued innovation are keeping the story very strong.

BILL( - Not a lot of news but Muji did deliver a great deep dive last week. The numbers along with the Greenfield opportunity (the main competition is pen & paper) shines like a star.

MNDY ( - I reduced my position down from 15% to 10%. Monday only has a short history as a public company, a lot of competition, and I wanted to reduce my risk level. I also worry that project management software is not as “mission critical” as some of our other SaaS stocks.

ZS (Zscaler) - I’m a bit worried about the dip in the current billings from the last report but the totality of the metrics appear be intact and the tailwinds for cybersecurity couldn’t be better.

NET(Cloudflare) - Steady as they come, I expect another 50% quarter this week and I believe their may even be acceleration in the future.

SNOW - I’m a bit worried about the short-term due to the coming reduction in NRR and revenue to due the upgrade but the long term story still appears very strong. I reduced my position down from 11% to 8%

S(Sentinel One) - The tailwinds, the story, look great. As long as they can continue at triple digit growth rates and cut operating expenses to keep them on a path to profitability, I’ll be happy. Increased insider buying doesn’t hurt either.

MDB (MongoDB) - After watching Exponential Dave’s video and Saul’s writeup, I’m back in MongoDB, which I owned back in 2019-2020. The accelerating growth from 39% to 44% to 50% to 56% along with more cooperation from the hyper-scalers were enough to get me back in as a starter position. I thought it was a good place to put some of my Snow and Monday proceeds.

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