France J’accuses USA

EU-USA Future Trade War Coming?

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Bruno Le Maire is one of the most unpopular French ministers and I´m surprised he found the courage to protest against the American economic policy.
However, I think it’s a bit late.
Moreover, neither the EU nor the governments of the European countries are in a position to oppose the USA.


The EU and the US crying about the other party subsidizing/protecting it’s “JCs” has gone on for decades. Remember the US “chicken tax” that protects US truck makers? That dates from the 60s. Boeing accuses the EU of subsidizing Airbus, while Airbus accuses the US of using defense contracts to subsidize Boeing’s commercial division.



Biden’s policy is clearly protectionist, bugger thy neighbour mercantilist. The exact opposite of free trade.

It helps Tesla so I still love it!

BTW, why does Biden not apply the same strategy to energy, why outsource energy to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela? :kick_scooter: :kick_scooter: :kick_scooter:

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The issue is far broader than that of an ‘unpopular French minister’:

BERLIN/PARIS — Germany and France pushed Tuesday for tougher industrial policies such as more state subsidies for European businesses to counter the threat from U.S. reforms that risk triggering a transatlantic trade war. The EU’s two leading economies put aside their bad blood of the past weeks to issue a joint statement vowing to “explore industrial policy possibilities” to safeguard European industries from discriminatory trade measures from Washington and also Beijing.

The declaration, which comes after two days of high-level ministerial meetings in Paris — including French President Emmanuel Macron inviting German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and Economy Minister Robert Habeck to the Elysée Palace — signals an escalation of European efforts to protect home-grown manufacturing from the threat of unfair competition from the U.S.

Paris and Berlin are increasingly frustrated that U.S. President []'s administration is showing little interest in addressing their concerns about the Inflation Reduction Act, a $369 billion package of subsidies and tax breaks to boost American green businesses. From a European perspective, the American act is a protectionist measure because it encourages companies to shift investments from Europe and incentivizes customers to “Buy American” when it comes to purchasing an electric vehicle.


Not at all. There are always WTO cases but no trade war with the EU. We are getting fully allied on trade and military matters.

The US is supplying energy to Europe.

Central Europe is looking for a tech Renaissance to rival Silicon Valley. In other words the Europeans have industrial plans as well. Where the French minister has been is a mystery.

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That is probably not true. Not sure yet.

It helps GM and F because they are unionized. Also it might not help Tesla if too much of the car is produced in China. If it does help Tesla it may actually be helping the competition far more under those conditions.

It is not a threat from the US. It is a threat from Beijing. The US will be buying EU products. Beijing will be avoiding that. We all know that.

The EU politicians are making rationals to spend money because it will put central Europe further in debt for decades to come. Welcome supply side economics. It will never work but our turn with it in the US is over.

It’s not complicated. When you have to go hat in hand to a government you have sanction to beg them on bended knee to please sell us some oil, you SCREWED up.

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Well better than being so feeble minded you will even salute a North Korea general as if you owe him a big kiss on the lips. Or looking into the sun because of sheer stupidity. Or trying to get lights placed under your skin with the bleach.

Hopeless never mind wanting complete control to destroy more things.