France's energy transition news

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This is the way the green despots who run the EU work. Notice that the key metric is the amount of Renewable Energy a country has. It isn’t Clean Energy, or Low Carbon Energy. The EU’s only concern is in building up renewables.

It doesn’t matter that France’s electricity is among the cleanest in the EU. It doesn’t matter that France’s per capita total CO2 emissions are about half that of Germany, for instance. No. France generates most of its electricity from nuclear power, and therefore France must be punished.

It reminds me of the signs and notices that sometimes appeared in the windows of US businesses in the 1800s. The signs would read:

    Help Wanted
Irish Need Not Apply

Perhaps today’s equivalent is:

 CO2 Reduction Needed
Nuclear Need Not Apply
  • Pete

Those who don’t like it can generate their own power.