Free 55" Flat Screen TV if you're good with 24/7 ads

They’ve got 500,000 TVs to give away.


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Over recent years, I have noted the increasing amount of time devoted to ads on TV, plus more advertising on the bottom of the screen during the programs. This past year, it even seems that the adverts shown during the program are getting larger and more obnoxious.

Some time ago, I offered that TV was trending toward the old “Net Zero” free ISP service, where the browser window was surrounded by continually running adverts.

As for their “free” TV offer…I have a piece of cardboard that would cover the advert screen nicely. So, they would probably step up their game, with the advert screen having audio that steps on the audio from the program, like the sound effects for in-program adverts sometime do now.

Steve…confident in the ability of the hucksters and hypesters to mess up anything.

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Will there REALLY be enough ad revenue to pay for those free TVs? It would be extremely shocking if this idea panned out.

Depends on the business model. If the advertisers pay a substantial amount up front, for the TVs to be built to accept their adverts, and the ad monitor is installed in really shoddy TVs, like the ones with a “Westinghouse” decal pasted on them, I can see how the company could be profitable.

That brings up a good question. How do the advertisers pay the producer of the TVs for running the ads, if not paying up front, when the TVs are built? Do they have a meter in the TV to measure how many hours a day the thing is on, then calculate the advert fee, for each TV in use? I bet the company does collect the advert fee up front, which covers their cost of the TV. Right now, you can stroll in to Best Buy and buy a 55" Vizio at list price of $370. iirc, Best Buy runs on about 19 points of GP, so that would make their cost of the set about $300. That could sound good to a cabal of advertisers: $300 up front, to have a captive audience for the next 10 years, or whenever the TV goes putz.