French nuclear power not operating

PARIS, July 28 (Reuters) - French power company EDF, which is being nationalised, issued its fourth profit warning of the year on Thursday as it fell to a loss in the first half on lower nuclear output.

Half its 56 nuclear reactors are currently offline due to planned maintenance and work to repair corrosion just as Europe faces an energy crisis. EDF said it now expects reduced electricity output to lower its 2022 core earnings by 24 billion euros, upping a forecast of 18.5 billion made just two months ago.

Nuclear output in France fell by 15% in the first six months of the year, while drought and unusually low river levels meant hydroelectricity production declined by 23%.…

PARIS, July 15 (Reuters) - High water temperatures threaten to reduce France’s already unusually low nuclear output, piling more pressure on operator EDF at a time when half its reactors are offline due to maintenance and corrosion issues.

The valley between the Rhone and Garrone rivers has reached sweltering temperatures in recent days which hit around 40 degrees Celsius on Friday and remain above seasonal levels through early next week.

That is a problem because river water is often used to cool reactors before being returned at a higher temperature. Reactor production is limited during times of high heat to prevent the hot water re-entering rivers from damaging wildlife.…


P.S. The slump in nuclear power and hydro power is forcing France to rely more than ever on gas-fired plants, wind and solar as well as imports. Paris may be colder than Berlin this winter.