Fubo Article: Sports Betting

New Article on FuboTV

-Starting this week, viewers will be able to pull up a new dashboard on the app with quiz questions, prizes, etc.

-Fubo is trying to figure out how much interaction users want, including gaming/betting, etc.

-“Our hypothesis is that it’s going to be an engagement driver, but also in the bigger picture, it’s kind of our first step towards our overall gaming strategy,” says Mike Berkley, FuboTV’s chief product officer.”

-“By combining data from both the streaming and betting sides, Fubo believes it can more closely intertwine the acts of watching and gambling on live games.”

-On the challenges “The biggest is regulatory approval to run its own sportsbook. For now, Fubo has only confirmed plans to launch in three states—Iowa, Indiana, and New Jersey—but doesn’t yet have approval to operate in any of them. Even sports betting giant DraftKings only operates in 11 states, and half of U.S. states haven’t legalized sports betting at all, according to the American Gaming Association.”

-Sports betting is needed to offset the high costs of Live Sports and TV bundles.

Title: Would you bet on sports through your TV? FuboTV is trying to find out.

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