Fun chat w/ Cloudflare CEO Prince

Cloudflare has a “This Week in NET” show on their Cloudflare TV streaming channel. Last Friday’s episode was an interview with the CTO on election protection (yay!) and a preview of Developer Week happening this week (@ 14:22).

During the episode, it came out that CEO Prince is touring EU right now across London, Lisbon, and Munich (after having spent Sept/Oct in APJ/Australia). At the end of the episode, it included a snippit of a Fireside Chat he gave on the roof of their Lisbon office (@ 24:17).

I thought it was pretty enjoyable 10 minutes for some of the back story behind why Cloudflare does some of the things it does. In particular, he answers “why blog so much?” and “why innovation weeks?”

Hint: not the only reason, but both are great for hiring.

… muji