Fun with Math...

Just kidding, math is never fun. But the results sometimes are interesting at least.

If you bought DDOG in July 2020, you would have made…well…nothing. It is flat.
So call that 0% gain.

Two years of nothing to show for it.

In July 2020, I was up 30% YTD, and would wind up finishing about 78% for 2020, and followed that up with 77% for 2021. Currently down 15% or so YTD, or 85% of where I finished 2021.

Which is just a bit over a double.

So Dreamer at 100% in past two years.
DDOG at 0%.

So much for the best metrics in hyper-growth space.
Food for thought.



So what I read was that it is time to buy DDOG again and be ready to sell it once it doubles.