Future LPG entrant?

The recent thread on Dorian (LPG) got me thinking about the other players in the VLGC size. I was aware of global player Petredec, who used to have a more diversified fleet including VLGCs, LGCs, MGCs and small carriers. Seems like the company is more focused on the VLGC segment now. Then there’s Avance. That’s the Fredriksen-backed LPG play with a Norwegian listing.

But, the big dog in LPG appears to be BW LPG with 46 VLGCs. Like Petredec, the company used to own various size LPG vessels. BW LPG is listed on the Oslo Exchange, and their Q2 earnings release focused on the VLGC fleet (FWIW, the BW LPG fleet appears to be a pool i.e. the company supplements its fleet with vessels from other companies). But, in the release, there is a comment
" Board has resolved to work towards a dual US listing[2]"

and a further mention of seeking a US listing

I guess, down the road, expect another shipping option.

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Pool composition detailed in presentation materials
(Slide 9)
BW Owned - 19 vessels
Charter-in - 7 vessels
BW LPG India (52% owned) - 8 vessels
Operated - 10 vessels

44 vessels
16 dual-fueled (15 owned)
12 scrubber installed
16 using compliant fuels

Age range - 2006 - 2023