Futures traders betting on 1% at July meeting

Traders are betting the Fed could raise interest rates by 1% this month

After June’s super hot consumer inflation report, traders in the futures market immediately began to bet the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates by as much as 1% later this month.


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Possible quickening of the tumble in real estate could accelerate on this news.

That 1% hike is seen in the futures will put a lot more pressure on commodities including oil.

Expect the USD to continue appreciating.

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This seems like a solid bet to me, given this:


The Fed is practically saying “+1% in July” without actually saying it. They want to hit the brakes harder.

House across the street, up for sale for 3 weeks now, just got a price cut. Small, but still. No offers, price cut. A few others in the neighborhood have done this as well. As little as 2-3 months ago homes would sell for $50-100k over ask around me.

Real estate is cooling. Gasoline is dropping. GDP looks to be shrinking. Over the past 30 days tech and growth stocks are out-performing value stocks.

And then we have this: “ARK’s Wood says Fed is making a ‘mistake’, sees stocks bottoming”


I’ve lost the ability to foresee what will happen anymore.