Gartner names Zscaler a leader (redux)

Someone thought I quoted too much from the article, and had my post deleted. The article from which I quoted was free, sponsored by Zscaler with no ads, and was quite long so my snippets were not a significant part of the article. Nevertheless, here’s the mandated much-abbreviated version:

Gartner names Zscaler a leader in Secure Web Gateways Magic Quadrant.… will take you to a page where you can download the gartner report for free.

Bascially, only Symantec and Zscalerin the “magic quadrant”. Cisco is close, but not as “visionary.” iboss lacks some “ability to execute,” preventing it from hitting the magic quadrant.

Zscaler continues to be one of the fastest-growing and most innovative vendors in this market. It has the largest installed base of customers of any of the cloud-based SWG providers.

There were, however, some “cautions” with Zscaler. Here are two:
• Zscaler does not analyze externally originated traffic (for example, traffic destined for the customer’s website).

• Zscaler’s malware research team is small than its competitors.

Gartner is also tracking cloud-based firewalls as potential competition, particularly in the mid-market.