Get ready for 10 AM Monday Morning

The big decision is probably coming out this morning.

This is going to rock the nation to its core.

This is going to be completely unexpected.

14A 3 will be decided differently than everyone expects. It won’t be punted. My prediction. SC CO will prevail. JMO

This appears to be in English…



The person who does not understand English has stopped.

No way. Period. Full stop.



No stomping your feet.

Usual USSC dump happens at 10 AM, but there is nothing usual about this.

My feet are still. 9-0, my prediction.

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If the states are not in control of their own elections as per the Constitution, including who can be on ballots, then who is? The Feds? This from the “states rights” crowd? I agree with Leap in the outcome, though I do admit it will be surprising to many. However, the consequences of the SCOTUS ruling the other way are profound. Ditto on if the president has immunity for everything he/she does in office (which is so blatantly not true one wonders how we got to this point).


We have all been wrong before we will all be wrong again.

You do not have a leg to stand on.

Well, seems I was wrong. :frowning:

I will have a serving of crow. I was wrong. Happens to me often. Happens equally to most of us. Some of us are never wrong. In those cases of never wrong, the circuitry is missing.

Interesting just got word 9 - 0.

The reason is interesting. CO was not necessarily wrong. The court would not allow CO to set the standard for the nation.

They weren’t. They were setting the standard for Colorado.

Love the idea of him off the ballot.

This decision by the court would have upheld CO but would have allowed CO to set the standard for all 50 states.

The abortion issue anyone?

The ruling makes sense to me. Otherwise chaos results.

I saw on TV (so taken with a grain of salt), that the SCOTUS said that it was the responsibility of Congress to determine who is on the ballot. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Constitutional requirements to be president (age, citizenship, terms served, etc.) are legal questions, not political ones.


And the nation.

“Because the Constitution makes Congress, rather than the States, responsible for enforcing Section 3 against federal officeholders and candidates, we reverse,” the justices wrote.



It is Qualified but TV in the first instance won’t see that.

3 is decided by congress, not the states.

The markets have gone a little bit lower and gold has a slight pop.

Biden issues an Executive Order removing Spannkee from all ballots due to Spannkee’s violations of federal AND state law(s). Spannkee wanted a Dictator in the White House. Let us see how he likes being subject to just such an order.

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It would have no effect. Executive Orders are directives to federal officials. Ballots are administered by state officials. So there’s no EO that Biden could draft that would meaningfully affect the situation.

Plus, the majority holding seems to require Congressional action - so such an EO probably would run afoul of the decision.


It’s already chaos, albeit writ small. Every state has different standards. In some ex-felons can vote, in some they can’t. Some polls are open long, some just for a day. Some nominating is done by caucus, some by primary; some primaries are by party only, some are open. All require different levels of organization to get on the ballot in the first place.

And in this case, the court found insurrection had occurred .

I have to say I am not surprised by the outcome, but am by the reasoning. It isn’t the court’s job to decide “if there will be chaos”, it’s their job to say “what complies with the law as written.”

It appears we are into the “well, this is a better outcome, in spite of what the words say” era. Again.