GH up on NILE study results

Lost among the angst of NTNX and PSTG:

4:47 PM ET 2/27/19 |

The co announced positive results from the NILE study, a head-to-head comparison of the Guardant360 assay to standard-of-care tissue testing for the identification of guideline-recommended biomarkers in first-line advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. These landmark data show that Guardant360 detected targetable genomic biomarkers at a similar rate to tissue and support the use of blood-based biomarker testing ahead of tissue-based testing for all newly diagnosed advanced NSCLC patients

Up 19.7% Thursday. Just a “not-quite” 1% position for me after the pop, but I’ll take it. Along with my market opening adds to AYX (+3.4%) and SQ (+5.2%) the positive after hours price action on ZS(+15.7%), these are at least a salve.



Yes. Someone mentioned GH yesterday AH and I trimmed a smidge off my top 4 and bought some GH. Lucked out. Thank you very much.

That, with my ENPH steady rise should offset my NTNX slump.

Question now is should I go deeper into GH and shallower into NTNX?


31% YTD, 42% Trailing 12 months

I need to dig deeper. Question is, if Guardant 360 is as good as tissue testing for non-small cell lung cancer, what does that indicate versus tissue testing for other cancers? Nutanix? Spent a lot on sales and marketing plus R&D Y-o-Y and got diddly for it. But there, need to look at previous 3 quarters to see if that spending increase was just this quarter and last and there needs to be patience to see if it pays off. Neither of these categories give instant results.