Gold is money all the rest is credit

So said J P Morgan.

Still pushing gold

Finally a different post, thanks!

I am being sarcastic.

I remind you gold is hedged.


This Kolanovic guy is totally unreliable…Oh he will be right at some time, and the market will crash and he can say I said so…But he is a classic…

This guy was bullish on the market all the time in 2022…and the market kept going down, and down and down…Then, he totally gave up and flipped on…wait for it… 18th Oct 2022!!! and said the market will crash…what a call, and how timely!!! and of course, he has continued to say that…he has to…It would be the death knell for his career if he now switched to a bullish call, and then market crashes…Good for him, if he keeps persisting, he is going to be right!! the only sad part is, the nasdaq rallied more than 40% in the interim, and has given back 10%, but it is still up 32% since his Oct call.

JPMorgan strategist and one of Wall Street’s most vocal bulls just got a lot more wary of the economy


When you know a lot of richer people are selling you need to find someone who will buy.

It is all really a very innocent mistake.

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Nice one :grinning: …Innocent mistake indeed…I don’t know how these folks who purposefully do such things are able to sleep at night!

No one really cares how they sleep least of all them.

Remember if an analyst is writing such crap he and his end of the investment house are plain stupid. Meaning he can not time the markets. He is not the talent. He has no job without bsing.

It’s the rich people who are buying gold, along with central banks:

No, it was rich people that BOUGHT gold (your article is from 2019) - four years ago, pre-covid, when gold was @ $1460, and when buying gold was a good speculative investment (and when no one was talking about it).

Not so much now in 2023 when it is at an all time high.

My bet is that the rich are the ones selling the gold now - like all the companies you hear on the radio today - sellers, not buyers.

Ya know, for someone that claims gold is only about 10% of their portfolio, you seem to spend 90% of your posts related to it.

BMB prediction, gold will be lower one year from today assuming the Israeli war remains two-party intrastate.


Funny how all these dealers hawking “real money” are fine taking my worthless fiat currency in exchange for their gold… :smiley:


I have one word for you. One word.


It’s not my word. It’s Terry Pratchett’s or more accurately Moist von Lipwig’s word.


It’s a good question to ponder. @Divitias - who do you think is selling the gold to you?

Are you buying from miners or from someone else?