Gold Rush - Central banks

The West depends on the dollar system. The main ‘growth’ area in The West is debt. The seven billion or so who live outside The West are quietly making alternative arragement to the dollar based system:

Most central banks now expect gold to make up a greater share of reserves, World Gold Council found.

So mutch for financal experts - Financial Times almost 20 years ago

Don’t listen to the mouthpieces of the financial establishment. They have an agenda!

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It will hold their economies back. We are investing in factories instead of wasting the resources on gold we do not yet own. Besides we have more gold already than them in our central banks.


Sure about that?

There were no regular controls over the American gold since the beginning of the 50’s. There were only some random checks. After the closure of the «gold window» in the early 70’s (suspension of gold for dollars convertibility), it was decided to audit the reserves. Some random audits were carried out between 1974 and 1986, and were suspended following pressure exerted by the Inspector General of the Department of Finance.

I suspect what there is has been hypothecation and re- hypothecated many times

I wonder why the Inspector General of the Department of Finance didn’t want an audit, as a retired auditor myself I find this strange :slight_smile:

Dont go by the bloggers. They have been crazier than bat crap for decades. ,

Still doesn’t answer this point. I’d have thought that he would be crying out for an audit - very strange.

Gold reserves are audited every year.

That is the goldbug blogger claim of yore. There is no way in hell the US is not auditing its gold. The claim is pure fiction.

Just like the US military is not audited. The military has budget proposals that are ultra detailed. All agencies and departments have stringent budget requirements for projections and reporting.

Please read a US textbook on public finance.

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May 26, 2021 / America’s gold reserves would be audited for the first time in more than 60 years if a measure introduced yesterday by U.S. Representative Alex Mooney (R-WV) becomes law.

The Gold Reserve Transparency Act of 2021 backed by the Sound Money Defense League, , and free-market activists - calls for the first true audit of United States gold reserves since the Eisenhower administration.

Where are the audited figures published?

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That is his completely nutty claim.

I am not going to provide an ounce of evidence. You believe the US government wont audit its gold and want to believe any publication or quack that says that. That is only on you. You can use Google.


That’s because there isn’t any:

In January of 2012, the U.S. Treasury began auditing the amount of gold by drilling small holes in several bars to test purity.

The ironic part of this whole story is who is doing the audit.

The U.S. Treasury controls the gold, and the U.S. Treasury is conducting the audit.

Sounds honest to me.

There are always excuses to believe the gold is not there.

To borrow a pun none of them pan out.

People are lying a lot and wont stop. You want to believe them that is alright. No skin off my nose.

Even if I proved the liars wrong you would believe them. That is common in investing.

I’m not saying the gold is not there, I’m just saying that it isn’t audited and as a retired auditor I find this strange, very strange indeed.

If the gold is these I wonder who ownes it? I suspect that the US Treasury is running some kind of fractional gold scheme and the gold is hypothicated and re-hypothicated many times.

The clues are there.

It took Germany long enough to get its gold back:

Reportedly, the US Federal Reserve has refused to allow the Germans to even physically inspect Germany’s gold to see it was even in the Fed’s custody. Again, if the US Fed really had Germany’s gold safely held in a custodial location (as it should), this would be an easy request to grant. Any refusal is tantamount to an admission the gold it not there to inspect.

Somethi g just doesn’t ‘smell’ right about this - that’s my auditor’s nose at work :slight_smile:

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Prophecy is a blogger. There is no need for any reality check it is garbage writing.

Steven Collins is giving only his opinions. Why are you taking them as leads? Because it fits your narrative at all costs.

You have zero proof the Treasury has never audited the gold. You have bloggers who parrot each others’ opinions and sell ads on their blogs.

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If the US gold is audited where is the audit report? Please point me to it.

Congresman Ron Paul can’t find it:

Because the Government has for so long refused to provide substantive information on its gold holdings, it is not surprising that so much confusion abounds, both within and without the Government.

This gold belongs to the people, especially since much of it was forcibly taken from them in the 1930s, and the Government owes it to the people to provide them with the details of these holdings.

Show me the audit report please.

Ron Paul? As a source? hahahahahaha

Divitias this is all belief not fact.

Here are some basic facts. Also stated here is the gold is audited. But of course if bloggers selling gold say it is unaudited clearly god told them so.

see first link, the second link is taken from the first link’s materials.

Fort Knox Bullion Depository | U.S. Mint.


It sure doesn’t. It fact, it seems completely nutso. “Reportedly” by whom? The German government? Nope. The story provided five links, four of which were broken and one was paywalled. But never mind. This exact turn of events was prophesied in the Bible!

Who needs actual sources if you have the Bible? However, I was still a bit confused, so I fired up Google and it turns out the Bible is wrong. The Germans got all their gold back, and ahead of schedule too.

The country’s central bank announced Wednesday it has completed a program to repatriate gold bars worth nearly $31 billion from storage locations in New York and Paris.

Germany has been bringing gold home to Frankfurt from the two cities since 2013. The final 100 tons were moved from Paris earlier this year, the central bank said. In total, 743 tons have been transferred. The project was completed three years ahead of schedule.


Seriously Divitias, why do you believe the sources you believe?


the recs for bjurasz are not enough.

SERIOUSLY, Divitas, WHY do you believe the sources (!/&'?) you believe.

Don’t rec this, rec bjurasz post.

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I already rec bj’s post. I need to rec a few other posts on that topic.

Seriously Divitas why do you believe your sources?

Just another careful source that reports facts as much as possible…wiki

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