Good Article on AI

We have some investments that are AI picks and shovels (NVDA) and some that are using AI (HUBS, SPLK, WDAY, AMZN). A lot of our data center stocks are benefiting by renting out capacity for companies that are developing AI.

This article covers the business side and potential.

I thought this snippet was good for us laymen

AI Deep Learning Vs. Machine Learning

At this early stage of AI in business, corporate America is using what’s called “machine learning” for the most part as opposed to more complex “deep learning.” With ML, algorithms are trained to create predictive models or identify patterns. ML helps predict what a particular customer is likely to buy or detects insurance claims fraud.

Tech companies use machine learning to personalize web content and other tasks. But they also are plowing ahead in applying deep learning, which mimics neural networks in the human brain, for classifying images and other purposes. Self-driving cars will require deep learning to map their surroundings and detect hazards.