Good article on Datadog at SA

This is a good article on Datadog. The author invests in both value stocks and growth stocks. Some excerpts:…

"Datadog is a young company which sells mission-critical applications to enterprise customers. Specifically, DDOG products provide monitoring tools that sit deep within the enterprise IT stack; their software watches other software to monitor its performance and to alert the IT staff in the event of problems. The company sells on a long-term contract basis which gives it plentiful revenue visibility.

Revenue is growing at 63% year-on-year on a trailing twelve-month basis (i.e. revenue in the twelve months ending 30 September 2021 was +63% vs. revenue in the twelve months ending 30 September 2020). As you can see, that growth rate is accelerating; the most recently reported quarter saw growth of +75% since the same quarter in the prior year.

But now the really good stuff. This company generates unlevered pre-tax free cash flow - that’s EBITDA minus CapEx minus change in working capital, i.e. it’s the actual money the company actually generates before it pays the IRS - at a 12% margin. While growing revenue at +63%. That’s a remarkable combination and we challenge you to find very many companies capable of that over a sustained period.

Oh - the company has more than $700m of net cash in the bank, and generates cash every quarter, so the balance sheet is safe."