Good Article on investing in growth stocks

I ran into the following Seeking Alpha articles on investing in high growth stocks. The ideas covered in the articles may not be new to many here. But I think it might be helpful to many new to this board. So, Wanted to share.

Title: 10 Semi-Controversial Traits Of Some Of The Best Stocks…

To me, the most helpful point is what the authored called “anchoring price” or “reference point” for a given stock:

“One of the most common behavioral biases we all suffer from as investors is anchoring. We tend to attach our thoughts to a reference point. We rely too much on the very first information we have found. The first price you see is likely to influence your opinion of a stock, potentially forever.”

I know this post is not about a specific high growth stock, and it might be considered OT. If so, I would not mind if my post is deleted.