GS vs. DHIL moat

Goldman Sachs (GS) vs. Diamond Hill Investments (DHIL) Moat

Shukisasson, asked about a GS moat a couple of days ago:….

However, Buffett is holding Goldman Sachs which is an investment banking company. He wouldn’t hold it if it got no moat.
(Perhaps the moat is a strong brand moat, but I am not sure).

If you could figure Goldman Sachs moat (read their 10K), then you can ask yourself does DHIL has the same situation?

Two years ago I figured out Goldman Sachs’ moat. Their 10K is totally useless. Peruse the list at the bottom of my post and you’ll have the answer. What better moat to have!

To get that type of moat, DHIL would have to slip our solons more cumshaw than they can currently afford. GS – the most powerful moat to have, DHIL – no moat for many moons if ever.

The GS moat:…



Thanks for your answer.
I learned something new.
Yes indeed, a very wide moat that DHIL probably would never have.