GSL Q2 2023 results

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Will add this commentary from container shipping giant Maersk–
Maersk warns of slower demand for container shipping | Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

GSL might not see the overall container market the same way that a big liner company as Maersk. But, in less than a year, GSL will potentially feel the impact of that slowdown. Why?

Maersk charters 18 vessels from GSL. Only one of those vessels has an “earliest charter expiry” in 2025. All the rest have earliest charter expiry in 2023 or 2024. Sure, many of the Maersk charters have options. But, what is the likelihood Maersk extends each of the options in tighter market conditions?

Maersk is somewhat the extreme case for GSL. But, GSL does have 37 of 68 charters with the earliest charter expiry in 2023 or 2024. So the problem extends to 20 other GSL vessels not chartered by Maersk,