Has Anyone looked at LOGM?

The randomly-chosen company we’ve been looking at this week in the Analysis Club is LogMeIn (LOGM). This company looks intriguing to me, and I wonder if anyone here has looked at it before?

Here’s the quick summary I posted over there:

(no position)

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Hi Neil - yes I am and I bought in a few months back. Remote cloud access is making this a boom business. I’m desperately trying to figure out who will make the most out of the 20x increase in wireless data traffic and since much of this will be web or cloud based these guys seem pretty geared to the hook up growth rates.

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Neil - actually one similar company I prefer for long term market position at pretty much the same stage of its corporate lifecycle and identical market cap is InfoBlox (BLOX).
Blox provide “DDI as a service” managing domain and IP address configuration and are at the intersect of cloud and security network appliances.

They just produced results growing revenues at 28%, beating estimates and upping guidance and are profitable on non GAAP basis.

The last 5Qs have produced continued YOY and QOQ growth, operating and net losses are passed their peak and are coming down…

Apr 14: $61.0m
Jul 14: $64.9m
Oct 14: $66.7m
Jan 15: $74.3m
Apr 15: $78.1m

Op Inc:
Apr 14: -$7.4m
Jul 14: -$9.3m
Oct 14: -$9.2m
Jan 15: -$6.6m
Apr 15: -$5.2m

Net Inc (GAAP):
Apr 14: -$7.4m
Jul 14: -$9.5m
Oct 14: -$10.2m (Non GAAP was +$3.8m or 0.07 eps)
Jan 15: -$7.0m (Non GAAP was +$5.3m or 0.09 eps)
Apr 15: -$5.1m (Non GAAP was +$7.2m or 0.12 eps)

I will repost this as a separate posting for the board.

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