Health alert about PFAS chemicals

Scientists and environmental regulators have been studying PFAS for years now, but new details are still coming out that make these so-called “forever chemicals” seem even more hazardous than previously thought.

Earlier this month, the EPA said it’s unsafe to be exposed to essentially any amount of PFOA and PFOS, the two most well-known PFAS chemicals. The agency set a new non-binding health advisory for these two chemicals at less than one tenth of one part per trillion. The EPA’s prior standards set in 2016 were thousands of times higher this and, furthermore, current PFAS sampling technology can only detect concentrations of four parts per trillion and above.…


The 3M Co. chemical plant in Cottage Grove, Minn., had been manufacturing varieties of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) since the 1950s for the water- and stain-repellant Scotchgard, but stopped producing long-chain PFOS in 2000.

The Chemours Co. on Wednesday petitioned the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit to review the EPA’s June health advisory for GenX chemicals—PFAS substances that the agency considers toxic.

These forever chemicals are thought to be everywhere.

For investors, the opportunity is the technology to remove them from water.

In the lab, my first choice treatment would be activated carbon. The leading supplier used to be Calgon Carbon, still in Pittsburgh, now a private company. Once they were a division of Merck. Acquired by Credit Suez. Merged to form Nalco. Also private.

Darco is a common brand name. Penny stock listed in Singapore.

Ecolabs might be one company in water treatment and still public.

Betz-Dearborn is another. Later acquired by Hercules and then sold to GE as their water division, then sold to Suez. Now known as Suez Water per Wikipedia:

SUEZ is owned by a consortium of strong and reputable shareholders, determined to support an ambitious strategy to lead the Group to be a world-class, agile and innovative leader in environmental services.

Credit Suez is a French company best known for construction of the Suez Canal.

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Thomasnet lists 235 suppliers.…

Best known seems to be Culligan. In Rosamond, IL. Also private.

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There are some 3 or 4 of them outlawed in the US. There are some 2000 or 3000 of them in existence.

We are nuts.

Lets stop relying on the POTUS or SCOTUS instead of congress. That is huge.

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These often are not pure chemicals. They are mixture of similar materials selected for their performance properties.

Hence the three or four outlawed can encompass at least hundreds of individual chemicals.

Note that PCBs is plural. This is not new.

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3M announces end to PFA forever chemicals. $2.3B writeoff expected (over several years).

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If the chemicals are “even more hazardous than previously thought” why is the EPA only issuing a non-binding advisory? Is the science behind it weak or are the absolute hazards not that hazardous?