Healthcare Tech stock under the radar transforming the Business of hospitals

WORX is a stock that has had a difficult 2 years however I believe it is misunderstood and an opportunity. This article explains how WORX is transforming hospital operations in the face of financial challenges.


It’s cheap. Looks like it might get delisted.

GE Healthcare was just spun off and is now trading independently. Some say GE’s financial problems have limited resources and hindered their growth. Could be a good one. But most believe GE aviation, due later is the real jewel. Assuming Boeing can make and sell enough planes and airlines can figure out the finances required.

Both businesses have benefited from GE’s finance business. Financing is part of the deal with MRI instrumentation or jet engines. Will stand alones do as a well with financing from the open market.

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That is possible however, it has been around for 10 years, has no debt and I believe ta loss selling played a big part in the decline at the end of the year. Not a big float.

This stopped me in my tracks.

“SCWorx, as part of the acquisition of Alliance MMA, operates an online event ticketing platform focused on serving regional MMA (“mixed martial arts”) promotions
which it has paused due to COVID-19.”

Straight from management. I want my leadership team focused on the prize. The acquisition and the “pause” are a distraction at best.

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From my understanding, when merging into a public company there is private company merging into a public company which will have none or nominal operations and assets (a shell company) and that was the required nominal asset which has remained on their books and must be accounted for. I am sure SCWorx has no active business in anything except healthcare tech SaaS.

SCWorx announcing signing of 8,000 bed hospital client
$WORX the announcement of signing an 8,000 bed healthcare provider as a client is a significant milestone. The SaaS solution is gaining traction. This is what you look for.

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