Here are the PE's

I realized that I gave the trailing PE and the rate of EPS growth for the Dec quarter for my big four positions, but not the rest. Here they all are:

SWKS trailing PE was 27 - EPS growth was 75%
BOFI trailing PE was 20 - EPS growth was 38%
SKX trailing PE was 24 - EPS growth was 104%
CELG trailing PE was 32 - EPS growth was 34%
CRTO trailing PE was 48 - EPS growth was 185%
WAB trailing PE was 26 - EPS growth was 20%
SYNA trailing PE was 18 - EPS growth was 70%
FB trailing PE was 48 - EPS growth was 74%
AMBA trailing PE was 35.5 - EPS growth was 161%
EPAM trailing PE was 28 - EPS growth was 29%
UBNT trailing PE was 14 - EPS growth was 10%
INBK trailing PE was 19 - EPS growth was 68%
PSIX trailing PE was 44 - EPS growth was 100%
SNCR trailing PE was 26 - EPS growth was 29%

XPO has no earnings yet
AIOCF varies with the Canadian dollar exchange rate

Three companies have PE’s below 20 (SYNA, UBNT, INBK).
Their average rate of EPS growth was 49%.

Six companies have PE’s between 20 and 29 (SWKS, BOFI, SKX, WAB, EPAM, SNCR).
Their average rate of EPS growth was also 49%.

Two companies have PE’s between 30 and 39 (CELG, AMBA).
Their average rate of EPS growth was 97.5%

Three companies have PE’s between 40 and 49 (CRTO, FB, PSIX)
Their average rate of EPS growth was 120%

This seems to me like a very conservative, and not at all risky portfolio, with quite reasonable PE’s (and the five stocks with PE’s over 30 have huge rates of growth to warrant their higher PE’s). And as I mentioned before, my big four positions, with most of my worth, have an average PE of 26, and EPS growth of 63%.




Thanks Saul! Your long term performance is incredible. Thanks for sharing.

I checked out your new position SNCR this morning. Looks like the growth in earnings just started a couple of years ago and was flat for several quarters prior. I didn’t dig into why earnings started accelerating recently. The price looks favorable relative to the recent earnings growth. I am deciding to pass on this one, though, primarily because SNCR and SWKS seems to be subject to the same growth driver (increased connectivity). SWKS is my largest position, it’s growing faster than SNCR, has a similar P/E, and I feel more confident about SWKS’s future growth prospects.

How did you learn of SNCR?