$HMC Electrifying 10 Motorcycle Models by 2025

Honda electrifying 10 motorcycles by 2025, but full-size EVs by when, exactly?
Peter Johnson

- Sep. 13th 2022 8:23 am PT


Honda revealed its plans Tuesday to release ten new electric motorcycles by the end of 2025 to help the Japanese automaker reach its sustainability goals, yet Honda has been relatively slow rolling out a full-size EV. When exactly can we expect a fully electric vehicle from Honda in North America?

As most (if not all) global automakers are racing to introduce new EV models, Honda and other Japanese automakers have fallen behind.

Meanwhile, Honda is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, with over 400 million cumulative sales. They are also the largest maker of internal combustion engines, which may be a reason for Honda’s hesitancy toward fully electric vehicles.

It is such an exciting time. Batteries/charging are about to LEAP forward in practicality and usefulness…and bring some truly badass vehicles along with them.

You should have seen the comments from the dummies on one of the videos I watched yesterday…guy with a generator on the back of his diesel pickup was “jumping” a Tesla that ran out of “gas.” Hurrr durrrrrr, real environmentally friendly!!! DURRRRRRR, pretty soon they’ll outlaw anythang running on good ol’ gas-o-liiine!!!

They can’t even fathom where we will be in five years. Car and Driver’s newest issue has like 30 new EVs in there, a few years ago, there was 3. And they are the enthusiasts in the room, who can absolutely see the writing on the wall. Ah well, there’s no helping some people.

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Scotch, this Summer is the quietest Summer of all time in Key West. The populace has definitely adopted EV bikes, scooters, boards, you name it. And then all the rental companies have moved over to renting EV Cushman carts.

Speaking of Key West, I just found out from Jesse that the guy in this clip playing with his band to the Grateful Dead’s “Sugaree” is somebody who has played in Steely Dan’s live shows. I can’t remember his name. I’ll ask Jesse when I see him next.

You were right, Jesse is finestkind. Yeah, his band is definitely not a tourist bar band you’d find at Sloppy Joe’s, Durty Harry’s, etc.

Cued it up for you so you can hear “Sugaree”.


Scotch, you got any idea how many people can fit into that Key West Theater legally?

Thanks in advance.

p.s. Yes, I want an electric motorcycle. Some of the ones I’ve seen recently will get you 200 miles off one charge. Think about that. Better range than my Yamaha.

Can you imagine an electric bike week held somewhere cool like Vermont or upstate New York in the future? Quiet bikes, happy people, stupid degenerates who need the bikes with no pipes not allowed in?

Jesse tells me Charlie and his early investors sold Smokin’ Tuna to some woman who divorced a rich guy from Vegas. Nasty divorce. She moved to Key West and is using her ex-husbands settlement to buy into Key West Bars. Charlie, Scott Kirby, etc, still around, but no longer calling shots and doing the day to day. Strictly booking bands, doing the Songwriter’s festival. The bar is now expanded out back into what was Teaser’s unused court yard. Very odd looking from the access road. Oh, and the back parking lot is no longer anchor fence so it can no longer be called “The Cage” for fistfights out back. Now it looks like something out of Captain Kangaroo or PeeWee Herman with all plastic white board fencing about 4 feet high. No one uses that lot. All Electronic Eyes of Sauron everywhere and signs they will tow you.

Other discoveries: the Dirty Pig on Grinnell is closed as is the umpteenth version of Cowboy Bill’s. That property we loved is now retail junk and the bar space out back is being rented for private affairs. Nancy’s restaurant closed.

Lotta changes downtown, most of them not for the good.

The worst eyesore: all the new housing going in on Stock Island. Worst traffic too. That’s a cauldron of bad vibes which will explode into 3 or 4 new stoplights on US 1 before this is all over.

Just saw all this! I love Sugaree, and have a version saved in my spotify by a band called Phosphorescent. Great tune, I had no idea it was a Dead song, because I am a millenial that never smoked a lot of pot.

Key West theater seats 278. It’s a great venue, I’ve seen plays, screenings of the Labyrinth and Strange Brew, heck, even took a ghost tour in there before Tap rehabbed everything. That’s kinda my dream for the lotto money, take an old historic theatre and turn it around. There’s plenty of really cool ones out West with a ton of history. That, and buy one of those Zero motorcycles. Until then, my Concours14 is all the bike any human could really need and more. Already taken some great road trips on 'er.

I might pop into KW this winter and check on things…sounds like more of the same - I guess you can’t fight progress, as much as we all miss the good old days. Cheers

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