I don’t dare enter this thread, but……

_Just a thought, **Tom and Dave were comedic writers for the late Louis Rukeyser** who I watched every Friday_ 
*for years from Owings Mills, Maryland. They wrote all of Mr. Rukeyser's one-liner cute jokes.*

_**Louis Rukeyser taught the brothers everything about running a Financial Newsletter from 1994 to 1997.**_

*In 1997, Motley Fool's online presence moved from AOL to its own domain, [](, where it continued to* 
*provide investment advice under an advertising-based revenue model.*

*Quill -*"

...and this (**bold**) speaks volumes to the OMG/knee jerk reactions we now see from TMF? OK, yes it's a totally internal issue as far as dealing with tech... keeping up was never in "the plan". Many are short sight'd in more ways than one. Read the thread...