Home Prices Falling

Housing prices are falling in several markets in the south.

The article is not behind a paywall. There are other markets but the articles are often behind paywalls.


It is past time for the USA to change our laws and regulations so as to accommodate a move towards much better yet cheaper housing (gifted link):

This and other companies are also doing extremely interesting research in CO2 smarter all wood high rise structures.

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Great article! Modular construction makes so much sense on so many levels. So many have tried to make it work, and so many have failed…

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I remember reading about Swedish modular housing in an architectural magazine some 30 years ago. Up by the Arctic circle the construction season is quite short. Modular housing was the answer. Visit a design center during the winter and choose the modules you want that fit your budget. Have the pad and utilities prepared as soon as weather permits, then the modules are delivered by truck and put together on site.


Interesting coincidence. This morning, there was a post on the “Vanished Kalamazoo” FB page about a modular home development in Kazoo in 1971, using housing modules produced by Republic Steel.

I looked up that area on Google Maps. The neighborhood still goes by the same name, but the modular houses are gone. There are several blocks of apartments, of questionable design taste, but no single family homes. There are also a couple abandoned streets, where, I suspect, the modular homes had been.