Homeless Seniors

Homelessness is on the rise as rents jump nationwide & many senior depend solely on Social Security.
Rents have really gone up partly due to influx of remote workers.
Emergency homeless shelters are being inundated with seniors & other driven from their lodging due to rapid rent increases. Assisted living & nursing homes are closing due financial issues-Medicaid reimbursement rates are below operating costs*.

About 25% of seniors rely on Social Security for 90% of household income:https://www.ssa.gov/policy/docs/ssb/v77n2/v77n2p1.html

Millennials had best get on the stick on a solution or their Baby Boomer parents will be moving in with them.


There are plenty of burger flipper jobs available.


True. But many old geezers have medical or physical infirmities that make them undesirable as employees. Using myself as an example-71 years old, 15 lbs overweight, & walks 2.5 miles a day. But put him in a job where he has to stand still in a spot. Nope. Because about 30 minutes into my shift my back begins to ache & job performance heads to the toilet. In my case perhaps an Amazon warehouse job would work. No such job opportunity in my locale. But if I am homeless & little money; it is hard relocate plus an inability to obtain a lodging address for an Amazon application.
Geezers have little or no utility value in today’s US society which is why they are warehoused in assisted living/nursing home situations. Families do not want to deal with them especially geezers without resources/assets which is why they are homeless. And likely some, maybe many, are responsible for being in their current situation. The problem ain’t going away and likely will accelerate as rents continue to rise. Are these citizens owed anything or should we just develop the thousand yard stare that filters these homeless folks from existence. I admit I have that stare in which does not acknowledge able-body folks standing by the roadside begging for handouts.
Perhaps vagrant holding facilities can be developed by JCs to tap into government revenues. Now there’s a business model.LOL


Job Creators simply do not understand the nature of work. It’s just a business concept to them. What it’s like to actually do it is beyond their ability to understand

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I forgot the sarcasm tag on my comment. Remember the dystopian Plan Steve to solve both the Social Security/Medicare “crisis”, and the lack of people desperate enough to take any sort of job for a pittance? Impose a work requirement on able bodied people to receive Medicare, and no SS pension at all for the able bodied, regardless of age?

Fast food counter people are not standing still. They are running around between the register, and gathering up the food the customers ordered. Same for the workers at the drive up window. Some of the Mickey D’s I have been in have table service. You use the automated kiosk to enter your order, and grab a numbered sign to sit on your table. Then someone brings your food to you. Wendy’s stores often have two windows, one for the cashier and one where you pick up the food, and I have often seen the person at the cashier window sitting on a stool. I have seen greeter persons at Walmart and Meijer with the type of walker with a seat on it, so they can sit while on the clock.

And people who can’t stand can sit and work in a telemarketing boiler room, or stuff envelopes warning people they are about to lose their chance at an extended warranty on their car. :wink:



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Burger flipping jobs are available but do they pay enough to pay rent. You can easily end up living in your car or in a tent in many areas.

The best you can do is maybe take in room mates.

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I remember on procedural police show where the murder involved a worker who was a phone sex worker. They showed one scene that scanned the work area, disclosing those with the sexy voices. One was an old fat woman. I guess that’s one way to pay your way, neither on your feet nor your back.


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