How did the Indexes do this quarter?

The S&P 500 finished Q2 with a decline of 0.2%, its worst showing since 2010, while the Dow ended the quarter down 0.9%. The Nasdaq Composite finished the period in the green, but not by much - up 1.7%.

I hope you all did lots better!



For me: 7% for quarter, 10% YTD. So glad I don’t buy mutual funds or use a money manager who collects 1% on a portfolio no matter what and is unable to even beat the 0.2% return of the S&P Index. Thank goodness for Motley Fool, our wonderful community of investors, and out intelligent, common sense approach to investing…!

I have rechecked my portfolio and really like its potential. Moving forward, I am very bullish on the breakout of the following:

Onward and upward.


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