How many stocks should I own ?

Hi Chuck,

Thank you for your reply, and sending me your article. It raised some good points and was helpful. I only wish I had seen it in January !

I was not saying that there was no one at the Fool who had warned of a possible market correction. I have been watching Fool Live, both last year and this year, and from memory last year there were very few advisors warning that markets were very highly overpriced and to expect a market correction. But this year the same advisors often seem to be saying that exactly that, markets were overpriced and in bubble territory.

If there were strone concerns of what was to comeI think more advisors, and Motley Fool as a company should have given more clear, and repeated advice to members. If there was not any internal concerns then it is disappointing to hear some many advisors now say how obvious it was, when it is too late.

Can I ask your opinion of where the market goes from here ? Does the market continue to sell off ? If/when the market recovers, what time frame would you expect ?

I know there are no certainties but I would be interested to hear your personal thoughts.

Many thanks.



The market recovered after the pandemic in just six short months. It would not surprise me if we were not looking at a very different picture by the end of the year.

Who expects it depends on a number of issues, such as whether the war in Ukraine escalates, if gas prices keep coming down, if inflation stays high, the pandemic is brought under control, investors decide to stop worrying and just return to living, etc…

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HI Fuskie,

Interesting. Personally I think it will take a lot longer. We are now in a market with very high inflation, a cycle of raising interest rates, aggressively, and the possibility that fuel prices will stay high for a long time.

But I hope you are right.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply to my questions.