How Our GENES Listen To Our Beliefs:

On returning from a call on a client about ten miles from the IBM office, I suddenly realized I had no recollection of the drive back to the office. I had called on the client dozens of times but on this occasion I had no idea how I got back to the office. This happened around 1963. I recount this incident because in this talk Dr. Bruce Lipton said that most of our driving is done by our subconscious. We get in the car, select a destination and start driving. Soon we start thinking about something and, according to Dr. Lipton, we stop looking outside and concentrate on our thoughts. The subconscious, which has been well trained to drive over the years, takes over seamlessly. There are other parts of the talk that match my life experience in one way or another. That’s why I think the talk will be of interest to METaRites.

How Our GENES Listen To Our Beliefs: Heal The Body & Prevent Disease | Dr. Bruce Lipton

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I sniff a potential tar baby here (with props to David fb for the reminder). I seem to recall Dr Bruce from H&N days years ago…strongly in the camp of dr mercola and his anti vaccine/pro MMR and autism, and curing cancer by thinking positive thoughts.

I doubt epigenetics has any relationship to “subconscious driving” as attractive and understandable as the analogy may sound so, “of interest to METaRites” isn’t likely to be the same as “providing a worthwhile foundation on epigenetics to METaRites”. An hour’s YouTube on that from a WOO! free source would be much more welcome for me.

Also for me, if I were to make a familiar journey and arrive at a destination with absolutely no recall, I’d be worried about cerebral manifestations of my ASCVD…so, I guess that’s my position explained.


As expected.

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Dr. Bruce Lipton looks like a Star Trek villian.



Used to happen to me all the time. I was working 12+hrs/day all week, then driving across the state on the weekends. Westbound on I-94, from metro Detroit, I would notice I was passing Albion or Marshall, and realize I did not remember going through Jackson.



I should certainly hope so by now!

So, I could’ve listened to Dr Bruce whilst getting my Z2/low lactate/MAF/ASCVD mitigation training done but, instead chose this podcast…

and then after another 25 minutes on core work, stretching/flexibility and modest start to osteoporosis prevention I came upstairs and husband was listening to this…

Wise choices for anyone with limited time to spare for future proofing.

FWIW, the Just One Thing podcasts are hugely entertaining as well as informative. Michael Mosley has a good track record of producing health related programs for the BBC radio and TV.

I like the Shipping Forecast too so it might be my tastes

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I like watching Mentour Pilot…

He continually addresses ‘situational awareness’ and times when a ‘sterile cockpit’ is mandatory all in the name of preventing pilot error. When you go sailing solo there are times when you need sleep so one avoids marine shipping lanes. Of course there are times and places where high vigilance is necessary but others are low intensity enough rely on the subconscious.

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