How people are using Zoom

How people are using Zoom.
This is the beginning of an article in today’s The Washington Post, by a guy who appears (in the picture) to be roughly 65 to 70 (just for your perspective on the users).

By Peter Perl
August 1, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. EDT
I just got off a Zoom call with seven men I love, not counting myself. The call pulled us together from all across America and it lasted nearly two hours, filled with laughter, wisecracks and teasing — punctuated by several intimate, serious, painfully honest discussions of our deepest fears, frustrations and small victories.

This group psychotherapy gathering, initially an in-person weekly session started in the Washington area 30 years ago, was the high point of my week for more than a decade until I moved to the San Francisco Bay area three years ago.

Now, though, I am again savoring this intimacy with other men, more than ever. In the most psychologically disruptive time of my era — not just covid-19, but the deepest racial turmoil and the most perilous moment for American democracy — I have regained a profound sense of community at a time when I didn’t even realize how much I missed it….

Does anyone really think this kind of need will go away after Covid?



Nope…it’s so convenient, cuts down on travel time and you can talk to people in other places.

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I am doing a 2 day trial on Zoom next month. Already done many shorter hearings. My extensive wardrobe w many suits and the like I’ve picked up over the years (and good stuff lasts) is still in the back of my SUV f the dry cleaner. 3 weeks now. Don’t need a suit if not personally in court.

I’m barely putting any miles on my car, and saving my clients money as I don’t have to bill for travel time there and back. ZOOM! Completely disruptive.

I like it so much that I’m requesting that the emergency rules allowing for Zoom be made permanent. Municipalities have an interest in that not happening for things like parking ramp fees owned by the counties next to the courthouse.

For further efficiency gains (more profit on same revenue). I have opted out of my ritzy office lease as renewal just came up and gone virtual. Meaning it’s my address, I can use say 5 office days a month or conference rooms, but otherwise not physically there. Cut my office space costs down to 25% of what it was.

I am putting Zoom on my website and having potentials schedule Zoom consults.

Don’t take away my Zoom! And btw I’m not even a subscriber yet. That will change shortly.



I’ve been having a lot of calls with a very large aerospace firm that just merged with another aerospace firm. This company has previously been using WebEx but now using Zoom. I am not sure if the merger drove that or they recently decided to make the change.

My company has teams and in the past I tried to send Teams meetings to them, which, for whatever reason they could not use.

Only recently did I start going on routine zoom calls with employees of this company and we are doing actual video conferences with one another where we see each other and can share screens easily. This has never happened before in the 15 years I have been doing this but as time goes on I can see it more and more “normal” as more and more do it.

Quite frankly Teams does just as good as Zoom. But the numbers speak for themselves. And so many people talk about how easy it is for another company to do this, yet, it hasn’t happened yet and we can address that when it comes up. Which could be years from now if ever.

Only when I started using Teams in March (my company switched from Skype/WebEx) did I realize Teams (or Zoom) replaces the phone for inter-company communications bevause it’s easier to Teams someone than it is to look up their phobe number and call them.


I’m a long term lurker and own a concentrated portfolio made up entirely of Saul stocks (up 86% YTD - thank you)!

Just wanted to add that I work for a privately held company with 1200 employees. In late March all employees began working from home, and no office leases are being renewed going forward. We’ll be a 100% remote work for from here on out. Total office space is roughly 100,000 sq ft - all gone forever.
The trend bodes well for Zoom.